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Thank You, Governor Peterson

Written on: February 25th, 2011 in Recognizing State Employees

Last week, I was fortunate to have one more opportunity to visit Governor Russ Peterson at home. Even at age 94, he still had stories left to tell.

We flippGovernor Russell Peterson, July 29, 1971ed through Kevin Fleming’s most recent book of Delaware photography. We sat by the window and enjoyed the birds outside, listening as they said farewell to another winter. Russ’s appreciation for what makes Delaware special was as deep and as fresh as the day I first met him.

Our state mourns the passing of a true legend, and I mourn the passing of mentor and a friend. Russ Peterson lived the kind of life that leaves multiple legacies, each making a profound and positive difference. He changed policy, but more importantly, he changed people.

Russ gave us so much, and his accomplishments continue to give back to Delaware. I hope that we’ll let him give us this moment to look back at his life to see our state through his eyes, to be inspired by his passions, his conviction, and the difference that one man can make.

For more on Governor Peterson’s career, visit

Governor Russell Peterson holding horseshoe crab,  June 2, 1971

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Delaware: State of the State & Our Budget

Written on: January 27th, 2011 in Effective & Efficient Government

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget

Governor's Recommended Budget FY 2012
Today, we released a difficult, but financially responsible, FY 2012 budget proposal. It makes clear our top priority is getting people back to work and expanding economic opportunity. It makes the most important investment in our future: building the strongest possible public schools now. It keeps our core commitments in areas like public safety, public health and environmental quality without the need for new taxes.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions at

State of the State

Last week, I delivered the annual State of the State address, laying out new proposals and updates on efforts to tackle priority policy areas:

But the true “state of the state” is reflected by our neighbors who work together to help each other. Our state is far stronger than any challenges we face because we are working together to keep Delaware moving forward.

A summary of the speech is available here, along with the full text and video.

Working with China for Jobs in Delaware

We need to look beyond our borders–and far beyond our traditional ways of doing business–to strengthen our competitiveness and create jobs at home.

Delaware-China Investment Promotion AgreementDelaware is uniquely suited to be a gateway for international investors looking to put people to work in our country. Our responsive government, predictable legal environment, skilled workforce and convenient location can make the investment and incorporation processes much easier.

To that end, we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Commerce during the recent visit of China’s president and hosted more than 40 investors, eager to learn about our state.

When international companies think about setting up manufacturing operations or incorporating in the United States, we want to make sure that they think of Delaware first.

Click here for more information on the agreement and here to learn more about the investment delegation.

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